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Keynote Speakers & Staff Development Trainers

  • All of the speakers listed offer keynote presentations.
  • Many of the speakers listed also offer half day, full day or multi day presentations with workshops or break out sessions, and video conferencing.
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Achieving Maximum Success in the Classroom
Classroom Management & Student Discipline
Annette Breaux Alex Kajitani Spence Rogers Chelonnda Seroyer
Rick Smith Marcia Tate Donna Walker Tileston Harry K. Wong
Technology Innovation in Student Learning
Understanding the Digital Generation
21st Century Fluencies for the Digital Age
Preparing Students for the Future Workplace
Willard Daggett Richard Jones Ian Jukes Ted McCain
Alan November David Thornburg Donna Walker Tileston Matt McClure
Standards, Assessment & Accountability
Common Core State Standards
STEM Education 90/90/90 Schools
Willard Daggett Ian Jukes Ted McCain Alan November
Marcia Tate Spence Rogers Connie Kamm Beverly Ray
David Thornburg Donna Walker Tileston
Administrators and Principals Leadership & Learning
Assessing 21st Century Skills
Expanding Personal Power and Vision
Alan November Donna Walker Tileston Willard Daggett Douglas Fiore
Ruby Payne
A Framework for Understanding Poverty
Reclaiming At-Risk Youth and Managing Cultural Diversity
Under-Resourced Learners
Bridges Out of Poverty
Ensuring that all Students Can and Will Learn!
Alex Kajitani Jodi Pfarr Debra Peppers Bethanie Hamlett Tucker
Jim Littlejohn Jerry Mills Ruby Payne Beverly Ray
Patti Albright Jonathan Kozol Terie Dreussi Smith  Dave Pelzer
Motivating Students and Teachers
Celebrating the Difference You Make!
Increasing Resiliency, Teaching with Passion, Overcoming Adversity— Laugh, Learn & Grow.
 William Martinez Roger Crawford Wavelength Spence Rogers
 Alex Kajitani Jerry Mills Debra Peppers Donna Walker Tileston
Translating Brain Research Into Classroom Practice
How The Brain Learns
Becoming A Wiz at Brain Based Teaching
Spence Rogers Rick Smith Janet Zadina
Marcia Tate Roger Talyor Donna Walker Tileston
Differentiated Instruction
How To Reach And Teach All Learners
Closing The Achievement Gap
Willard Daggett Jodi Pfarr Donna Walker Tileston
Richard Jones Ruby Payne Jonathan Kozol
Beverly Ray Alex Kajitani Dave Pelzer
Marcia Tate Roger Talyor Bethanie Hamlett Tucker
Connie Kamm Patti Albright Terie Dreussi Smith 
Training all Teachers To Be Effective
Inducting, Retaining & Supporting New Teachers
Dealing With Difficult Parents
Annette Breaux  Alex Kajitani Spence Rogers
Chelonnda Seroyer Rick Smith Harry K. Wong
Douglas Fiore
Response To Intervention

Ruby Payne Beverly Ray Donna Walker Tileston
Effective Grading Practices

Tom Guskey Stephen Ventura