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Speaker Index

Below is the list of the educational speakers we represent. Click the speaker’s name to view a detailed profile.
Speaker’s Name Select Topics
Patti Albright Under-Resourced Learners
Annette Breaux Training All Teachers To Be Effective, Student Achievement a Result of Good Classroom Management
Roger Crawford The Resilience Factor
Willard Daggett 2013: Preparing Students for the Changing Workplace
Douglas Fiore Creating a Winning Culture at Your School
Thomas R. Guskey Effective Grading Practices
Richard Jones School to Career
Ian Jukes Planning for Effective Technological Implementation and Integration program
Alex Kajitani How To Be A Highly Effective Teacher
Connie Kamm Formative Assessment, Accountability, Decision Making
Jonathan Kozol The Shame of the Nation
Jim Littlejohn Hear Our Cry…Boys in Crisis
William Martinez SIGNing The Song
Ted McCain Understanding the Digital Generation
Matt McClure The Age of Disruptive Innovation
Jerry Mills Don’t Doubt the Dream
Alan November Aligning Technology to the Standards
Ruby Payne A Framework for Understanding Poverty
Dave Pelzer A Child Called “It”
Debra Peppers “Teachers Have Class” Member of Teachers Hall of Fame.
Jodi Pfarr Hidden Rules of Class at Work
Beverly Ray Response to Intervention (RTI)
Spence Rogers The High Performance Tool Box, Student Motivation
Chelonnda Seroyer Creating a Customized Classroom Management Plan
Rick Smith Conscious Classroom Management
Terie Dreussi Smith Bridges Out of Poverty
Marcia Tate Worksheets Don’t Grow Dendrites
David Thornburg The Future of Educational Technology
Donna Walker Tileston Response to Intervention
Bethanie Hamlett Tucker Under-Resourced Learners
Stephen Ventura Effective Grading Practices
Wavelength A Funny Thing Happened-Leaving No Child Behind
Harry K. Wong Achieving Maximum Success in the Classroom
Janet Zadina Six Weeks to a Brain-Compatible Classroom – A Workbook for Educators