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Wavelength Comedy Troupe


Wavelength Comedy Troupe. Nationally recognized improvisational acting troupe, The Wavelength Comedy Troupe presents theatrical performances and workshops that are guaranteed to keep your teachers roaring with laughter.

The assemble has performed for more than 1,000 school districts and 900,000 educators throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and the Pacific. They use humor and satire to point out the pitfalls of teaching-burnout, intolerance and inflexibility-and to remind teachers that a good laugh is worth a thousand scoldings.

Wavelength Comedy Troupe Programs:

-A Funny Thing Happened Leaving No Child Behind- Wavelength’s newest show offers a humorous perspective to the NCLB legislation which promises to change the landscape of public education. Topics covered include; Team Building-Technology-Leadership Styles-Brain Research-Diversity-Community Involvement-Mentoring-Standardized Testing.

-Educationally Impolite ­ Wavelength Comedy Troupe tackles today’s public education challenges by looking at the first Greco-Roman P.T.A., all the way up to the present. Issues addressed include violence, separation of church and state, and standardized testing.

-The Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Educators ­ In this hour-long live presentation, the Wavelength Comedy Troupe uses satire to illuminate the issues of technology, change, multiculturalism, multiple intelligences and community involvement.

Workshops-Interactive Participatory Workshops

-Communication Skills that Work

-Collaboration vs. Competition: Win As Much as You Can!

-The Conflict Within: Conflict Resolution

-The Efficacy of Humor: Or S/he Who Laughs, Lasts!

-Improvisation & Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom

Comments about The Wavelength Comedy Troupe:

“Like an edition of ‘Saturday Night Live’ written especially for educators”

- Teacher Magazine

“The most enlightening program we’ve ever had for the beginning of the school year”

- Teacher quoted in The San Francisco Chronicle

“This program could be used in its entirety during staff development workshops designed to promote changes in total school climate”

- Journal of Staff Development

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