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Classroom Management & Student Discipline

Want to increase student achievement, raise test scores, improve student behavior, and truly make a difference in the life of every student you teach? Learn practical and proven, easy-to-implement techniques for doing just that – reaching and teaching every student without programs and without any money. Participants will walk away with tips and techniques that can be implemented in the classroom instantly.

  • How to eliminate most all of your discipline problems.
  • How to start school and be successful on the first day.
  • How to establish consistency with routines.
  • How to engage students so little instructional time is wasted.
  • How to assess for student learning.
  • How to have students know what to do and how and when to do it.
  • How to use expectations as motivation to achieve.
  • How to be an effective and successful teacher.

Leading Consultants who specialize in the topic Classroom Management & Student Discipline

Annette Breaux lecturemgt.com/annette-breaux
Chelonnda Seroyer lecturemgt.com/chelonnda-seroyer
Marcia Tate lecturemgt.com/marcia-tate
Drs. Harry & Rosemary Wong lecturemgt.com/harry-wong