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Ted McCain

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Ted McCain

Ted McCain’s presentations focus on the astounding changes taking place in the world today as a consequence of technological development. He is passionate in his belief that schools and communities must change so they can effectively prepare students for the rest of their lives. His presentations emphasize the need for parents, teachers, business and community members to act differently in order to prepare students today for the technology-rich future they will undoubtedly face.

Ted worked for several years in the computer industry as a programmer, salesperson and consultant before entering the teaching profession. In education he has been a teacher, administrative assistant, and technology consultant. He is the author of six books on the future, educational technology, and graphic design. His newest book Windows on the Future, Working & Learning for the New Millennium was co-authored with Ian Jukes.

Ted is a recipient of the 1997 Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence. He was nominated for this prestigious Canadian national award for his work in developing a real-world technology curriculum for grade 11 and 12 students that prepares them for employment in the areas of multimedia, networking, and Internet publishing right out of high school.

In addition to his work as an educator, for the past twenty yeas Ted has also consulted with businesses and school districts on the purchase and implementation of computer systems. His clients have included Apple Computer, Microsoft, Aldus, and Toyota, as well as many school districts and education associations in both Canada and the United States.


  • “Living on the Future Edge”
  • “Dancing on Quicksand – A New Mindset for the New Millennium”
  • “Facing the Future – Understanding and Managing Change in an Age of Uncertainty”
  • “Preparing Students for Success in the Modern World”

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