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Stephen Ventura

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Steve Ventura

Stephen Ventura is a Professional Development Associate for The Leadership and Learning Center. He is a highly motivational and knowledgeable speaker who approaches high stakes data collection and decision making armed with practical, research-based strategies.

He is a former elementary, middle, and high school teacher. His administrative experiences encompass those of assistant principal, principal, director, and superintendent.

Steve’s work focuses on data-driven decision making, assessment, and standards and how they make the difference in quality school improvement. He works with teachers and administrators to show how gathered, analyzed, and properly used data contribute significantly to meeting the needs of every student in the school and district.

Steve can show teachers and school site leaders a systematic approach for aligning grade-level standards with student performance data so the process of data collection is meaningful and relevant. As each step unfolds, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the application of data and will learn how to apply that understanding to the process of improved decisions about their school and district. These improved decisions include the process of naming units of study, and the assignment of power, and supporting standards.

With expertise in presenting Common Formative Assessments, Data Teams, Decision Making for Results, Rigorous Curriculum Design, Leadership Strategies, and Effective Grading Practices, Steve takes the mystery out of determining those most urgent needs of schools and districts. He can also apply a proven process for identifying essential Common Core State Standards and their relationship with state and local assessment results.

In addition to his professional development work with teachers and administrators, Steve is also a frequent speaker at state and national conferences, and has contributed to several books focused on teaching, learning, and leadership. Titles include Standards and Assessment: The Core of Quality Instruction (2011) and Activate: A Leader’s Guide to People, Practices, and Processes (2011).

Through his own reality-based experiences, Steve has inspired teachers and leaders across the nation to pursue higher levels of implementation with greater focus, rigor, and clarity. He has a strong moral aspect, intelligence, easy way with people, and saving sense of humor that support him in his life and work.

Mr. Ventura resides in the small community of Templeton, Ca. He enjoys wake boarding, racquetball, and reading.

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