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Why is it good classroom management often invisible? How can we understand and utilize these invisible skills with our students? Conscious Classroom Management is a lively, fun, and interactive workshop for K-12 teachers that gives them a framework for successfully managing their classrooms. They examine both the primary assumptions underlying effective management, and many specific strategies they can use in their classrooms. They are exposed to fundamentals of lesson plan design. And a variety of “nuts and bolts” that are keys to surviving in the first years of teaching. In addition to increased management skills, both the veteran and the new teacher come away with reduced anxiety and a fresher, more positive approach to teaching.

Rick Smith is an education consultant and international presenter. He is available for presentations and workshops for new and veteran teachers, mentors, and support providers. He was a classroom teacher for 15 years, with a primary focus on students at-risk. Rick also served as a mentor/support provider coordinator in California for six years. He has taught in the Secondary Credential Program at Dominican College in San Rafael, and has trained American Peace Corps Volunteer Teachers in Ghana, West Africa. Currently, he teaches in the Elementary Credential Program at St. Mary’s College in Moraga, California. Rick’s Masters thesis, entitled “Mentoring New Teachers: Strategies, Structures and Successes,” appears in Teacher Education Quarterly, Autumn, 1993.

Comments from past participants:

“This was an outstanding presentation of practical ideas and methods for classroom management for both new and experienced teachers. A great reality-based pep talk”
Richard P. High School Teacher, Newark, CA

“Wow! You articulate things I haven’t even thought of sharing with my beginning teachers. Thanks!” “Great delivery! Humor, quick-paced, to the point!” “Rick is a wonder. I am taking so much back with me to share.”
Participants, California Mentor Conference

Rick’s other workshop:

“Brain Compatible Approaches for Motivating Reluctant Learners”.

Practical strategies based on current research on the brain that help boost student involvement, motivation, and retention. Participants will explore how the brain learns, with focus on the MEANS          for making a difference.

  • Memory-twelve key ways to increase your students’ attention.
  • Emotion-its critical role in student learning.
  • Attention-how to get it and maintain it.
  • New meaning-how to “wire it” into long-term memory.
  • Strategies-Dozens that are Brain-Compatible.

Comments from past participants:

“A fantastic Workshop! Practical-specific info-good handouts-great presentation. I learned a lot…Have Rick Smith back-he does a wonderful job!!”
D. Goodwin 4th grade teacher 40 years.

“Rick gave me more in-depth information about how teachers can prevent burn-out. Holding the attention of dozens of teachers until 6 P.M. is no easy task. His presentation skills are exceptional.”
L. Stranger LRT 10 year teacher.

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