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Jodi Pfarr of Minneapolis, MN, brings to her audiences the knowledge gained from direct experience with not-for-profit organizations. Pfarr served as executive director of Emma Norton Services, providing housing to single women with issues around low income, mental illness, and/or chemical dependency. She worked several years for Catholic Charities, supervising low-income housing units for people with mental illness, chronic inebriation, and/or low incomes. This followed her post of supervising the Special Needs Shelter for the Salvation Army. Pfarr holds a Master of Divinity degree and is formerly a certified critical debriefer and chaplain with the St. Paul Police Department; she wrote the book Tactical Communication for law enforcement. She is familiar with the police culture and the challenges that officers face. She has advised several city and county agencies on projects related to poverty issues. Pfarr has been a consultant for aha! Process since 2001 and shares her experiences on the DVD “Jodi’s Stories.”

Selected workshops presented and products by Jodi Pfarr

Jodi Pfarr presents Bridges Out of Poverty
Applying Bridges Concepts, Understanding Class for Law Enforcement
What Every Church Member Should Know About Poverty
Hidden Rules of Class at Work
Framework for Community Audiences
Hidden Rules of Class at Work
What Every Church Member Should Know About Poverty

Jodi Pfarr is author of Tactical Communication: Law enforcement tools for successful encounters with people from poverty, middle class, and wealth; “Jodi’s Stories: A Companion Piece to Bridges Out of Poverty” (DVD); and Bridges Out of Poverty Audio Workshop.

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