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Jerry Mills

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Jerry Mills

Jerry Mills is an internationally acclaimed keynote speaker, entrepreneur, educator, singer/songwriter and motivational storyteller who travels worldwide sharing what the Chicago Tribune describes as “an intensely personal look at the challenges and choices we all face.”

Jerry opens doors to alternative thinking by capturing audiences with his music and touching their hearts and minds with his message.

After years of success as an educator, he requested and was granted the opportunity to share a very personal and unique concert style experience with hundreds of his professional peers. Since that day, hundreds of thousands of professionals from all walks of life from Sydney to Melbourne, Liverpool to London, Singapore to Hong Kong and all across North America have experienced the impact of his keynotes.

Nido Qubein, President of High Point University, Chairman of the Great Harvest Bread Co. and one of the most acclaimed Hall of Fame speakers in America, recently described Jerry’s program this way: “A perfect presentation delivered in an extraordinary way.”

Combining his blend of authenticity, experience and gifted songwriting with his poignant personal story, heart-warming insight, penetrating lyrics and cutting edge visuals, his programs are riveting and electrifying. As one meeting planner describes it, “If you really want to get your message across, then you need someone to involve your eyes, your ears, your heart and your emotions. And his presentations do that. It’s the whole package!”

He has produced several audio recordings including Urgent Reply, The Real You and his newest release, Lifeline.

His song and music video, Come Join Us, currently serves as an anthem for Rotary International worldwide.

Comments about Jerry Mills:

“To see close to 1000 staff members give you a two minute standing ovation was all I needed!  To say your presentation was a HIT is an understatement!”

- Michael Ginalski, Superintendent, Corning, NY

“ You succeeded beyond my wildest dreams! I had no IDEA this would have such an INCREDIBLE effect on people – especially teachers. It was absolutely AMAZING!”

     - Linda Jenkins, Director, Pupil Services,  Grand Forks, NE

“ ‘The BEST speaker I’ve EVER heard’ is the most common remark teachers make.

You have changed hearts, minds and definitely teaching strategies!”

- Jackie Cunningham, Director of Instruction, Athens, TX

“With 40 years of experience, it was the BEST keynote I have EVER attended! The evaluations of our teachers and administrators echo the SAME positive sentiments!”

- Dave Ouelette, CACE Executive Director, Presque Isle, ME

“This was funny, touching, relevant and very much needed – especially the strategies. Please come back to this area. We have many more teachers who need to hear this great message from one of their own – a teacher!”

- Glen Riswold, At Risk Coordinator, Brooklyn, NY

Topics by Jerry Mills:

Don’t Doubt the Dream!

Jerry’s internationally acclaimed keynote, featured program or staff development training for ANY organization committed to improving the outcomes for all young people and involved staff. This program is ideal for any audience experiencing Jerry’s work for the first time and can be custom tailored for lengths of time. Many have called it “the most powerful workshop they’ve ever attended.”

Creating Positive Outcomes for ALL Students

An ideal follow up or breakout session when the Don’t Doubt the Dream presentation has been featured. Specific skills are provided for managing challenging behaviors, discipline, classroom management and tailoring instruction for AD/HD and other struggling and challenging students.

Teacher tell me, WHAT YOU SEE…

Combined Staff Development Training (half day).

Jerry’s unique staff development training program, which combines the inspirational message of Don’t Doubt the Dream with the practical strategies training of Creating Positive Outcomes. It’s one of the most comprehensive training experiences available today!

The Puzzle of A•B•I•L•I•T•Y

A high impact concert-style assembly for high school, middle school and upper elementary focused on the critical issues facing them today.

Community & Parent Evening Programs

A very special version of the The Puzzle of ABILITY presentation designed for community leaders, members, parents and students ages 10 and up.

Other options

Programs and inspirational concerts can be custom tailored to fit your audience and event.

Having composed hundreds of songs, Jerry can tailor a wide range of programs for literally ANY audience!

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