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Harry and Rosemary

Harry Wong

Harry and Rosemary Wong are the foremost authorities on the effective teacher.  They are the most sought-after speakers in education, booked 2 to 4 years into the future.  Harry has spoken to more than one-million educators and the Wong’s have written the best-selling book in education, The First Days of School, that has sold more than 3.8 million copies.  It has also been translated and is published in five foreign languages.

Harry is a former award-winning high school science teacher and has received the Horace Mann Outstanding Educator Award and the National Teachers Hall-of-Fame Lifetime Achievement Award.  Instructor Magazine named him one of the 20 most admired people in education.

Rosemary is a former elementary teacher and the recipient of the Distinguished Alumnus recognition from both Louisiana State University and Southeastern Louisiana University.  She is also the recipient of the Silicon Valley Woman of Achievement Award.

Harry and Rosemary received the Upton Sinclair Award and were nominated for the Brock International Prize in Education.  They have built and sustain a school in the jungles of Cambodia.

Tom Larkin, owner Lecture Management, says, “In all my years of booking speakers, I have never seen anyone with the staying power of Harry Wong. For 30 years, he has been the preeminent speaker in education, speaking to over one million people internationally. His message is universal no matter what your occupation.”

The Effective Teacher
With Dr. Harry K. Wong
Dr. Harry Wong Now! There has always been a 2 to 4 year wait to have Harry Wong speak live. You can have him now!

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No costly speaking fees and travel expenses. For a fraction of his speaking fee you can show Dr. Harry Wong’s DVD series over and over again at no extra cost.

Now you can have Harry Wong on any day. Show the series in its entirety or in parts. There are eight parts. You can stop, repeat and mix and match sections.
An Eight Part DVD Series with Dr. Harry K. Wong
The Effective Teacher by Dr. Harry Wong Only $595.00


Eight DVDsThe Effective Teacher (over 5 hours)
Part 1: The Effective Teacher
2: The First Days of School
3: Discipline
4: Procedures & Routines
5: Cooperative Learning and Culture
6: Lesson Mastery
7: The Professional Educator
8: Positive Expectations
One Book -
The First Days of School, 352 page premier guidebook on classroom management.
PowerPoint Slides of all graphics on all eight DVDs.
Facilitator’s Handbook on each DVD. Complete transcript for you to create your own staff development program.
Music and Opening Commentaries from all eight DVDs.

You will be Awestruck!
The Effective Teacher captures the energy, excitement, and enthusiasm of Harry Wong. The boxed set of 8 DVDs showcases techniques that can be used year round with any grade level.

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