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Douglas Fiore, Ph.D.

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Dr. Douglas Fiore

Dr. Douglas J. Fiore is a sought after speaker and workshop presenter and the author of several trade books and textbooks for educators. Dr. Fiore has worked as a teacher, a principal, and a college professor. He is a frequent presenter at state and national conferences, and he has delivered countless workshops to school districts, individual schools, and various educational groups.

Dr. Fiore is the author of two textbooks, Educational Administration: Standards, Theories, and Practice and School Community Relations, both of which are widely used at colleges and universities throughout the United States. Dr. Fiore’s trade books include Six Types of Teachers: Recruiting, Retaining, and Mentoring the Best (co-authored with Dr. Todd Whitaker), Creating Connections for Better Schools: How Leaders Enhance School Culture and Dealing With Difficult Parents: And With Parents in Difficult Situations (co-authored with Dr. Todd Whitaker). Dr. Fiore is currently working on a book dealing with educational decision making.

Dr. Fiore brings humor and real-life practitioner examples to his presentations. He has been described as “energetic” “passionate”, and “real.” Topics for presentation include:

“Dealing With Difficult Parents”

“Parent Involvement Means More Than Baking Brownies”

“Transforming Ordinary Occasions Into Extraordinary Opportunities”

“Does Your Leadership Meet ISLLC Standards”

“Creating a Winning Culture at Your School”

“No Educator Left Behind”

“6 Types of Teachers”

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