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Connie Kamm, Ed.D.

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Dr. Connie Kamm

Connie Kamm is a Senior Professional Development Associate with The Leadership and Learning Center. She is also the president of The KAMM Group, a consulting company that focuses on organizational development and alignment in both education and industry.Dr. Kamm has been active in school reform for over twenty-five years and has developed keen insights into the spirit of building positive school cultures. She is noted for her dynamic process for educational change and facilitates system-wide comprehensive accountability frameworks at state and district levels.

Dr. Kamm presents to schools and districts internationally. Following, are the titles of her most recent programs:

• Permeable Boundaries: Transforming Education in the New Era

• Engaging Classroom Assessments

• Formative Assessment: The Key to Successful Learning

• Data, Accountability and the Decision Making Process

• Distributed Leadership and Reciprocal Accountability

• Engaging Students in Learning and Leading

• Differentiated Instruction: Providing Multiple Opportunities for Success

With extensive experience at the university, public school, and corporate levels, Dr. Kamm brings a unique blend of real-world experience and international research to her presentations. She is the author of programs that have been presented throughout the United States, Canada, South America and Mexico. She also conducts a vibrant writing workshop titled “Words and Ways: A Workshop for Writers.”

In addition, Dr. Kamm consults with educational technology companies focusing on the design of Web-based instructional management systems and digitized school improvement products. She has also consulted with educational organizations on effective evaluation protocols and multidimensional leadership assessments.

Dr. Kamm recently completed her doctorate in Leadership and Policy. Her dissertation concentrates on the impact of professional development on the assessment pedagogy of secondary teachers in urban schools. She is also currently authoring a series of online articles for the State of Ohio on components of the Ohio Leadership Advisory Council’s Leadership Development Framework. In addition, Dr. Kamm is coauthoring a book on Transforming Education in the Digital Age.

Dr. Kamm is known for her passion, energy, and thoroughness. She combines poignant stories and stimulating activities with sound information to produce her lively and engaging seminars.

When she is home, she and her husband, Richard, enjoy their five children and ten grandchildren. They are also enthusiastic about golfing, watching movies, cooking, reading, and spending time with friends.

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