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Chelonnda Seroyer

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Seroyer, Chelonnda

Chelonnda Seroyer is the brightest new star on the education speaker scene.

At the Model Schools Conference in Orlando, Chelonnda Seroyer was scheduled to do two small breakout sessions. Attendees lined up an hour before the doors opened for her second session. She was asked to do a third session. Planners transferred her session to the main ballroom to accommodate over the 3000 people who wanted to hear her. She’s that good!

Harry Wong says that Chelonnda Seroyer is the only speaker he will invite to share the podium. She is featured on a DVD in the 4th edition of The First Days of School. A preview of her presenting on this DVD can be found at www.EffectiveTeaching.com

Chelonnda has presented at New Jersey ASCD, Texas Teachers Alternative Certification Program, North Carolina Model Teacher Education Consortium, and for the National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) Pre-Service Teacher Institute. She has addressed teachers and administrators in numerous school districts and internationally in Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. Croix, and Canada.

In addition to her presentations, she has worked for schools in New Jersey, Ohio, and Louisiana observing individual classrooms and working one-on-one with fellow teachers assisting them as they create their own customized and highly effective classroom management plans. Chelonnda holds a Masters Degree in Education Administration.

In addition to sharing valuable free resources with you, Chelonnda Seroyer will provide practical classroom management techniques that you will be able to use immediately. These tips will allow you to transform your classroom into a “well-oiled learning machine” where your students will be able to thrive in a structured and consistent environment that will ultimately increase their self esteem and ability to succeed. Chelonnda will also be extremely transparent as she discusses her “lessons learned” as a classroom teacher, shares her classroom management plan with you, and invites you to “steal” her ideas and make them your own. Teachers will leave feeling inspired, empowered, and motivated to use practical management techniques that will enable them to restructure their classrooms so that stress levels are decreased, student self esteem is increased and instructional time is maximized.

Chelonnda Seroyer’s manner and delightful stories has her relating to audiences of all grade levels and years of experience.

Comments on Chelonnda Seroyer:

“Chelonnda Seroyer is the only speaker I will take with me on the road. I have seen her only once NOT get a standing ovation. But the reason speakers are brought in is so that teachers can leave with practical and useful techniques that are immediately implementable. This is why you need to bring in Chelonnda Seroyer, not only as a keynote speaker, but also to work one-on-one with your teachers”.
Dr. Harry K. Wong

“There has been so many positive comments and enthusiastic discussions since Chelonnda Seroyer graced us with her knowledge and presence. I have never seen so many teachers excited and eager about classroom management and procedures!.She was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and exceptional with every aspect of her visit”.
Pam Schooler, Principal
Farmersville High School, Louisiana.

“Chelonnda Seroyer is an exceptional talent in American education. Educators who have had the good fortune to hear her are enthralled by her message. You can hear a pin drop when she speaks and then a standing ovation! What a moment!”
Robert Weiner, Co-Director
Kean University – Center for Innovative Education

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